One of the more major and intense projects is this website. I try to add a post every two to three weeks. The current layout is the second layout, after a major overhaul when I moved my site from Cactus to Jekyll.

The main reason for switching was the larger community and faster development of the Jekyll system. I preferred the Python based plugin-system over Jekyll’s Ruby-integration, but the perfect tool has yet to be invented. The deep integration of Liquid is very intuitive for people who are a little familiar with Ruby on Rails, but don’t want Rails on their servers and prefer a static website.

This site is far from finished, below is a list of items that are done and on my to-do list:

  • Create concise homepage with basic functionality

  • Add one project and blog post

  • Use HTTPS (TLS) for all request to the servers

  • Move to a CDN (actually, multiple CDNs are used)

  • Add a photo gallery

  • Optimised menu for both mobile and desktop usage {: .items-done}

  • Add CV

  • Add something about thesis {: .items-to-do}