Paper Christmas Card

This project is different from most other projects I do, since the final goal of this project is not something electrical or software related. This is an attempt at creating unique and creative Christmas cards. Below are some example pictures of the final result. The card is made by first printing a set of puncturing holes in a piece of A6 paper. Then, after creating all required holes, needs and wire are used to sew the actual card.


limecv is a (Xe/Lua)LaTeX document class to write curriculum vitæ. It is designed to match the business card I designed and follows the same design rules: simple, elegant and clean. The design of this document class is discussed in a series of blog posts. This document class is available on CTAN, so installation is very straightforward. A minimal working example for XeLaTeX can be found here. The documentation describes all possible options and features.


Timelapsr is a time-lapse remote control for NEX cameras with a simple Arduino setup. The remote allows for configurable intervals using a display and input buttons.

Dynamic Number

Dynamic Number dynamically typesets values generated in different kinds of scripts in LaTeX through the use of symbolic links. The aim is to reduce errors resulting from out-of-date numbers by directly setting them in the number generating file and importing the value through a symbolic link in the LaTeX source file.

Personal Website

One of the more major and intense projects is this website. I try to add a post every two to three weeks. The current layout is the second layout, after a major overhaul when I moved my site from Cactus to Jekyll.


mac_update is a (Bash) shell script that updates a user-defined list of command line applications at once.