Welcome to my research page. I am a PhD candidate and researcher at Ghent University in the Department of Electronics and Information Systems (ELIS). I am also a member of IDLab, imec and ILVO. My research is about non-linear dynamics of plants for computation and sensing.

Some non-technical questions we hope to answer by means of this research:

  • What plant is more intelligent: strawberry, orchid or corn?
  • What kind of environment does a plant like?
  • Does leaf movement tell anything about the plant’s feelings?

Since my research has roots in both plant science and computer science, I work together with a number of different people from both ELIS, ILVO and BIOMATH.


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As of September 2017, I am involved in the bachelor course of Digitale electronica. This is an introductory course on digital electronics taught to Electrical Engineering and Computer Science students. I mentor the lab sessions during which the students need to programme an FPGA in VHDL.

Over the years I have mentored several student projects in Embedded Prototyping, Discrete Signal Processing and master thesis students.