This project is different from most other projects I do, since the final goal of this project is not something electrical or software related. This is an attempt at creating unique and creative Christmas cards. Below are some example pictures of the final result.

finished Christmas card
finished Christmas card back

The card is made by first printing a set of puncturing holes in a piece of A6 paper. Then, after creating all required holes, needs and wire are used to sew the actual card. The result is a colourful and three-dimensional Christmas card that will stand out.

Images of the designs that need to be printed before starting to puncture the card, are included below. An example mock-up of the final result is also included. For the baubles, it might seem as though there are too few lines, but is it important to keep sufficient space between the holes for sewing. Otherwise there is a high probably some of the holes will merge and the result will not be as nice as intended.

The Christmas message is in Ducth in the images below. This can easily be changed from the design sources. These are available on GitHub. Suggestions are always welcome.

puncture card front
puncture card back
mock-up front
puncture card back