2022 was a very special year in many aspects (end of COVID for instance), but for me the absolute biggest moment was my PhD graduation in February. Afterwards, I read all Witcher books by Andrzej Sapkowski. Since compliting that saga, I’ve had quite a bit of difficulties finding a new series or book. Currently I am reading The Fellowship of the Ring, but it remains to be seen if I manage to finish it.

  • Het seizoen van stormenAndrzej Sapkowski
  • De laatste wens en Het zwaard der voorzienigheidAndrzej Sapkowski
  • De vrouwe van het meerAndrzej Sapkowski
  • De zwaluwentorenAndrzej Sapkowski
  • De voordoopAndrzej Sapkowski
  • Het bloed van de ElfenAndrzej Sapkowski
  • De jaren van verachtingAndrzej Sapkowski